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The REMANENCE consortium has been brought together to meet the challenging objectives associated with the development of an integrated recycling path for the recovery and reprocessing of NdFeB magnets.


C-Tech Innovation Ltd is an independent research & technology development and consulting SME with over 40 years’ experience in providing innovation services to industry, universities and governmental bodies, frequently in environmental applications. With capabilities in innovation management, research and technology development using in-house laboratories and workshops process, product and service improvement, and intellectual property exploitation, the company has an ability to apply chemistry, physics and biological science in innovative commercial applications. C-Tech Innovation is the project coordinator for REMANENCE.

Chalmers Industriteknik is a university-based research institute organised as a foundation and affiliated with Chalmers University of Technology. With its 80 employees, half of which have a PhD in science and engineering areas, CIT provides research-oriented development services to both industry and institutions. CIT specializes in multidisciplinary, international and national R&D projects working to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial product development. CIT is particularly strong in microelectronics and environmental and energy technologies.



The School of Metallurgy and Materials Science at the University of Birmingham is as world class teaching and research centre with the goal of developing interdisciplinary work with engineering and science and to further the aim of Sustainable Development. The status as one of the very top UK University research centres was confirmed by a 6* rating in the Research Assessment Exercise. The University of Birmingham has been working on rare earth magnetic materials for over 40 years.

LEITAT is a technological center specialised in production technologies, offering high added value solutions to technological challenges required by companies, with world-class expertise to adapt to regular changes in the Spanish and international markets. The centre supports sustainable growth through the promotion of R&D&i and technology transfer. LEITAT develops R&D activities in the areas of materials sciences, chemistry, biotechnology, energy, environment and production, with deep commercial knowledge and experience regarding technological transfer to several industrial sectors including: Health and Biomedicine, Transport, Construction, Energy, Maritime, Chemical, Textile and Packaging.

Stena Technoworld AB is the Nordic leading recycling company with a network of nearly 250 branches and facilities handling industrial waste, offering a wide range of innovative and environmentally safe solutions for its customers. The Stena Technoworld Group has its own technical expertise and researcher and development capacity and is also actively cooperating with several independent research institutes and universities. Stena Electronics Recycling is an important part of the Stena Technoworld Group and the leading recycler of electronic products in Europe.

Kolektor Magnet Technology GmbH is one of the leading companies worldwide in the production of polymer bonded magnets. The product portfolio of polymer bonded magnets includes NdFeB, hybrid magnets, hard-ferrite magnets, sintered AlNiCo magnets and complete assemblies produced by the German facility in Essen. Kolektor Magnet Technology GmbH, formerly the magnet business division of the Krupp organization, also offers sintered NdFeB and SmCo magnets from affiliated companies in China, primarily for automotive and industrial applications in brushless electric motors.


Acreo is one of the leading research institutes in Europe within the field of electronics, optics, communication techniques and sensor systems. Acreo works to facilitate the commercialisation of research and to strengthen collaboration between industry and academia, participating in research performed in R&D projects together with an industry partner or in projects funded by a financier such as EU. The types of assignments range from feasibility studies, long term research projects, prototyping and small scale production, to verification and testing.

Magneti Ljubljana d.d. is a privately owned world-wide manufacturers of permanent magnets and magnetic systems for several types of industry including automotive. It has a strong and experienced research group conducting continuous research and development in the quality of the materials, on the processing routes and finally designs of the products. The company manufactures AlNiCo, SmCo and NdFeB magnets, magnetic systems, rotor magnetic assemblies, breaking magnetic systems, special mechanical parts and magnetic assemblies, and dental alloys.



AB, (MANUFACTURAS Y TRANSFORMADOS AB, S.L.) is an Innovative Research & Development company, specialising in manufacturing and instillation of different types of machinery for the Medical, Textile, Printing, Plastic, Metal, Sports, Recycling and industry sectors. AB uses powerful, high level technologies to create added value to our customers, after years of innovating and developing products, we are ready to use this knowledge and potential to Impulse Environment and Recycling solutions, under the commercial name “PlaneXt”. The company is developing and using the latest technologies to cover the requirements of all sorting phases of production, from the different flow of Waste as WEEE, ASR, RSU, INCINERATION, Glass, and Plastic. The performance and reliability of our PlaneXt machines are at the highest level.




Remanence is supported by the EU FP7 Programme